Galaxy Note 5 Is Coming With S Pen Auto Project Feature

Galaxy Note 5 is the upcoming phablet in Note series from Samsung. The South Korean tech giant Executives already said earlier in this year that they are going to make changes in S-pen design and also thinking about to keep S-pen inside Note Phablet with Auto-eject. Now according to official patent information, Samsung designed S-pen with Auto-eject option for the upcoming Galaxy Note 5. This feature already patented by Samsung.

If we look into S-pen Auto eject working mechanism, it works by the use of magnets. There is a magnet in the S-pen and also in the device and the two magents attracts each other when S-pen is in devices. So the S-pen will firmly attached to the device. The S-pen will eject out of the device when the magnet reverse its polarity and repels the other. So it is simple enough but most useful feature for note 5 users.

But the question of how the magnet reverse its polarity is not answered. According to expects, it will be done by using a voice command or specific gesture on Note 5. So we have to wait until September to see the detaileed features of Note 5